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Birrificio Angelo Poretti 8 Hops

Birrificio Angelo Poretti

8 Hops

  • 8 hop varieties
  • Saison
75 cl 5.5% ABV
Pale in colour, light, foamy head

Main hop: Citra

Nutrition information

Tasting Notes

  • Our brewmasters artfully combine 8 hop varieties from around the world to create a beer that inspires new taste adventures.

    Birrificio Angelo Poretti 8 Hops gusto Meditteranea is a saison with citrusy taste. An intense golden coloured beer with a fine head, it is brewed with eight different hop varieties. Characterised by its hop and fresh aroma, it pairs perfectly with salads, seafood, light desserts with citrus ingredients and dressing.


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