The Birrificio Angelo Poretti story is one of curiosity, discovery and great taste. In 1877, Angelo Poretti, a committed beer enthusiast, travelled the length and breadth of Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria in search of the great quality hops and to learn the secrets of how to brew exceptional beers.

Upon return to his hometown of Valganna in northern Italy, Angelo Poretti started work building the brewery, or birrificio, at the foot of the Campo Dei Fiori hills. He numbered each beer after the amount of hops variants used in the brewing process creating a unique collection of beers that are specifically made to enjoy with food.

Our Story

We are Birrificio Angelo Poretti and ours is a story of curiosity and discovery. We were born in Italy in 1877 from the curious mind of our founder, Angelo Poretti.


An Italian Beer, Made for the table

Each Birrificio Angelo Poretti beer has the power to complement dishes in different ways. Made with only the finest ingredients, each beer is made with fresh mountain water from the Italian hills and hops from around the world creating beers that cleanse the palate and pair well to enhance your dining experience.

Photo by Chelsea Lane Photography


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